Top 10 Downloads 2020

The following list represents the 10 most downloaded articles in 2020. 

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Article Title and Authors Fulltext Downloads 

Arctic fox dispersal from Svalbard to Canada: one female’s long run across sea ice (Published: 24 June 2019)

by Eva Fuglei and Arnaud Tarroux


Little auks under the midnight sun: diel activity rhythm of a small diving seabird during the Arctic summer (Published: 27 February 2020)

by Katarzyna Wojczulanis-Jakubas, Piotr Wąż, Dariusz Jakubas


Smoking guns and volcanic ash: the importance of sparse tephras in Greenland ice cores (Published: 8 June 2020)

by Gill Plunkett, Michael Sigl, Jonathan R. Pilcher, Joseph R. McConnell, Nathan Chellman, J.P. Steffensen, Ulf Büntgen


Eurasian winter temperature change in recent decades and its association with Arctic sea ice loss (Published: 20 March 2020)

by Hye-Jin Kim and Seok-Woo Son


Revisiting the extended Svalbard Airport monthly temperature series, and the compiled corresponding daily series 1898–2018 (Published: 27 June 2020)

by Øyvind Nordli, Przemysław Wyszyński, Herdis M. Gjelten, Ketil Isaksen, Ewa Łupikasza, Tadeusz Niedźwiedź, Rajmund Przybylak


Modelling polar bear maternity den habitat in east Svalbard (Published: 24 March 2020)

by Benjamin Merkel, Jon Aars, Glen E Liston


New Antarctic clawed lobster species (Crustacea: Decapoda: Nephropidae) from the Upper Cretaceous of James Ross Island (Published: 13 August 2020)

by Allysson P. Pinheiro, Antônio Álamo Feitosa Saraiva, William Santana, Juliana Manso Sayão, Rodrigo Giesta Figueiredo, Taissa Rodrigues, Luiz Carlos Weinschütz, Luiza Corral Martins de Oliveira Ponciano, Alexander Wilhelm Armin Kellner


First record of horned puffin in the North Atlantic and tufted puffin in High Arctic Greenland (Published: 26 June 2020)

by Kurt K. Burnham, Jennifer L. Burnham, Jeff A. Johnson, Bridger W. Konkel, Jack Stephens, Hannah Badgett


Reconstructing the Little Ice Age extent of Langfjordjøkelen, Arctic mainland Norway, as a baseline for assessing centennial-scale icefield recession (Published: 1 August 2020)

by Paul Weber, Harold Lovell, Liss M. Andreassen, Clare M. Boston


Review of The life of José María Sobral: scientist, diarist, and pioneer in Antarctica, by Mary R. Tahan (2018). Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing. 336 pp. ISBN 978-3-319-67267-0. (Published: 19 December 2019)

by Pat Millar