On Roald Amundsen’s scientific achievements

  • Arnoldus Schytte Blix
Keywords: Fridtjof Nansen, polar exploration, South Pole, North-west Passage, North-east Passage, H.U. Sverdrup


This paper describes the significant direct and indirect contributions to science made by the Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen in the period 1897–1924. It documents that his expeditions through the North-west Passage (1903–06) with Gjøa, to the South Pole (1910–12) with Fram and through the North-east Passage (1918–1920) and the Chukchi and East Siberian seas (1921–25) with Maud yielded vast amounts of published scientific material on meteorology, terrestrial magnetism, geology, palaeontology, oceanography, ethnography, zoology and botany, which, though celebrated at the time, have since received scant recognition in more recent assessments of Amundsen’s achievements.

Keywords: Fridtjof Nansen; polar exploration; South Pole; North-west Passage; North-east Passage; H.U. Sverdrup

(Published: 10 March 2016)

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Citation: Polar Research 2016, 35, 31319, http://dx.doi.org/10.3402/polar.v35.31319


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