Melting ice—a personal view of climate change

  • Hinrich B. Bäsemann


I first crossed the Arctic Circle on my way north in the early 1970s. I visited the glaciers in Swedish Lappland and Norway’s rugged Lofoten islands. Apart from the natural beauty of the area, my main interests were climate and geological history, as I was then working towards a doctoral degree in glacial and marine geology, which I earned in the late 1970s. Since then I have been in the Far North nearly every year. In the beginning I travelled in the Scandinavian mainland; later I saw Iceland, Svalbard and Greenland. Special highlights were the Northwest and Northeast Passages.


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Bäsemann H. B. (2007). Melting ice—a personal view of climate change. Polar Research, 26(2), 107-112.
Special section. From the conference Melting Ice - A Hot Topic?