Further changes at Peter I Øy

  • Robert Headland


For a previous edition of Polar Research (26[2]; p. 204) I wrote a letter noting the partial collapse of a spectacular triple natural arch on the island of Peter I Øy, reported in November 2006. Two years later I was again off the island, in exceptionally clear visibility, and noted that the collapse was now complete. The island was approached from the south-east on the afternoon of 22 November 2008, again aboard the Russian icebreaker, Kapitan Khlebnikov. Aboard were 104 tourists, with 24 staff, and a complement of 62, on a voyage arranged by Quark Expeditions. The icebreaker anchored in Sandefjordbukta, which was used last time, and on several previous visits. The anchor was dropped in about 35 m of water about half a nautical mile from the coast. Landings were intended on one of the beaches of Sandefjordbukta, but winds of 20 m s-1 made this impracticable. The winds, however, caused such a reduction in cloud cover that the entire island, notably Lars Christensentoppen (1640 m elevation), was clearly visible.


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