Review of Antarctica: global science from a frozen continent, edited by David W.H. Walton

  • John P. Smol


When I agreed to review this book, I assumed I would receive a collation of edited literature reviews exploring various aspects of Antarctic science, similar to several other volumes that are sitting on my office bookshelves. But Antarctica: global science from a frozen continent is not that type of book. Instead it is a handsomely produced volume, filled with a large number of excellent-quality colour photographs and figures, which can just as easily be in a high school or public library as in a university professor’s research collection.

(Published: 3 July 2013)

Citation: Polar Research 2013, 32, 21696,


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Smol, J. P. (2013). Review of <em>Antarctica: global science from a frozen continent</em&gt;, edited by David W.H. Walton. Polar Research, 32.
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