Review of Polar bears: a complete guide to their biology and behavior, by Andrew Derocher

  • Dag Vongraven


Two of the world’s leading polar bear scientists have recently released books on their favourite species aimed at the general public. In 2011, Ian Stirling published his second popular book on polar bears, Polar bears: the natural history of a threatened species, a classic-to-be for a general readership and a skilful update on the latest in polar bear science. The following year his former student, Andrew Derocher, came out with his book in the same genre, a volume that sums up three decades of research.

(Published: 19 February 2014)

Citation: Polar Research 2014, 33, 23867,


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Vongraven, D. (2014). Review of <em>Polar bears: a complete guide to their biology and behavior</em&gt;, by Andrew Derocher. Polar Research, 33.
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