The first freshwater molluscs from Wrangel Island, Arctic Russia

  • Maxim V. Vinarski Omsk State Pedagogical University
  • Dmitry M. Palatov
  • Anna A. Novichkova
Keywords: Wrangel Island, freshwater snails, Physidae, Sibirenauta


The first finding of a freshwater snail, Sibirenauta sibiricus (Westerlund, 1877), in one of the lakes on Wrangel Island (north-eastern Russia) is reported. No freshwater mollusc species have hitherto been known from this island. Specimens from the island are morphologically compared with the type series of the species. How aquatic molluscs may have migrated to the Arctic island is briefly discussed.

Keywords:  Arctic; freshwater snails; Physidae

(Published: 19 August 2015)

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Citation: Polar Research 2015, 34, 23889,


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Vinarski, M. V., Palatov, D. M., & Novichkova, A. A. (2015). The first freshwater molluscs from Wrangel Island, Arctic Russia. Polar Research, 34.
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