Sea foam as an object of sea-surface film studies

  • Nikolai V. Druzhkov
  • Pavel R. Makarevich
  • Sergei I. Bardan


Sea foam and sea-surface films are pelagic habitats of common origin. This suggests a possible similarity between their microplanktonic assemblages and an a priori possibility to use foam samples in qualitative sea-surface film studies. The composition and abundance of microheterotrophs (nanoflagellates <5 ?m and bacteria) in the Dalnezelenetskaya Inlet, Kola Peninsula, Barents Sea, in August 1987, was nearly identical in the foam and sea-surface film samples. In contrast, the enrichment of foam with autotrophs (nano- and microphytoplankton) exceeded by an order of magnitude that of sea-surface films, whereas their taxonomic compositions were virtually identical in both habitats. Elevated growth rates of phytoplankton in sea foam appear to be an ecological mechanism responsible for the enrichment.


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Druzhkov, N. V., Makarevich, P. R., & Bardan, S. I. (1997). Sea foam as an object of sea-surface film studies. Polar Research, 16(2), 117-121.
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