Review of The cryosphere and global environmental change, by Olav Slaymaker & Richard E.J. Kelly

  • Department of Geography Okanagan College


There is no shortage of books on climate change. However, despite the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment, we still know surprisingly little about the impact of global environmental change processes (not just climate change) on the broad range of biophysical and sociocultural systems that operate in the cryosphere. This lack of understanding prompts the authors to ask whether the global community cares about the future of the cryosphere, and the people who live within it. Justifying their work by pointing out the interconnectedness of the cryosphere with other components of the Earth, and discussing ongoing policy debates, geographers Olav Slaymaker and Richard Kelly aim to inform international debates on global change, in the broadest sense.


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Okanagan College D. of G. (2007). Review of <em>The cryosphere and global environmental change</em&gt;, by Olav Slaymaker & Richard E.J. Kelly. Polar Research, 26(2), 207-208.
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