Review of Polarfahrer—Im Banne der Arktis, by Theodor Lerner, edited by Frank Berger

  • Sebastian Gerland


Theodor Lerner was born 1866 in Antweiler/Ahr and died 1931 in Frankfurt/Main, where he had lived from 1911 onwards. In Polarfahrer—Im Banne der Arktis, which can be translated as “Polar traveller—spellbound by the Arctic”, Frank Berger presents Lerner’s original 1930–31 manuscript. The editor has undertaken only some orthographical and grammatical alterations. Lerner’s original manuscript is supplemented with (solely old) photographs, a few maps, an epilogue, a brief biography, the editor’s footnotes to the text and a list of references.


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Gerland, S. (2010). Review of <em>Polarfahrer—Im Banne der Arktis</em&gt;, by Theodor Lerner, edited by Frank Berger. Polar Research, 25(1), 77-79.
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