Review of Studies on some Arctic and Baltic Astarte species (Bivalvia, Mollusca) by G. Høpner Petersen

  • Christoffer Schander


Astarte is probably one of the most difficult groups of bivalves for which to work out the systematics. The group is very old, it is widely spread and most of the known species are very variable in morphology. Astarte species lack a planktonic larval stage, which is correlated with a large egg size (e.g. Ockelmann 1965). This gives a potential for genetic drift in local populations. Because of the difficulties of the group, the author of the book was warned against a study of Astarte species, but when the result is at hand one can only be pleased that he did not heed this advice. The result is a delightful slim volume with beautiful color illustrations, informative text and easy-touse keys—all topped off with an interesting discussion.


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Schander, C. (2001). Review of <em>Studies on some Arctic and Baltic Astarte species (Bivalvia, Mollusca)</em&gt; by G. Høpner Petersen. Polar Research, 20(1), 119-120.
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