Cyclones over Fram Strait: impact on sea ice and variability

  • Burghard Brümmer
  • Gerd Müller
  • Björn Affeld
  • Rüdiger Gerdes
  • Michael Karcher
  • Frank Kauker


The relation between sea ice drift and cyclone activity in the Fram Strait region was studied by both in situ observations and long-term time series. In a 1999 field campaign, the atmospheric forcing and the ice drift were determined using a research aircraft and drifting ice buoys. One cyclone entered the experimental area and caused a temporal increase in ice drift speed. Long-term studies are based on 16 years of cyclone statistics and model, satellite and sonar ice drift estimates. The actual impact of a cyclone depends on its particular track through Fram Strait. On the average, cyclones increase the Arctic ice export through Fram Strait.


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Brümmer B., Müller G., Affeld B., Gerdes R., Karcher M., & Kauker F. (2001). Cyclones over Fram Strait: impact on sea ice and variability. Polar Research, 20(2), 147-152.