The interplay of global and polar regimes

  • Oran R. Young


The growing salience of interactions between the functionally broad but geographically narrow regimes for the polar regions and the geographically broad but functionally specific regimes emerging to deal with global environmental changes directs attention to the issue of institutional interplay. Interplay among regimes can cause mutual interference or foster synergy. Adopting a pragmatic stance that assumes no fundamental changes in international society, this essay suggests ways to: (1) adapt global regimes dealing with ozone depletion, climate change and biodiversity to the conditions prevailing in the polar regions; and (2) ensure that concerns arising in the polar regions receive serious consideration in global forums. Specific suggestions range from modest initiatives involving monitoring and assessment to more ambitious initiatives, such as the establishment of a chamber of regions in global regimes.


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Young O. R. (1999). The interplay of global and polar regimes. Polar Research, 18(2), 397-402.