A study of the climatic system in the Barents Sea

  • Bjørn Ådlandsvik
  • Harald Loeng


The climatic conditions in the Barents Sea are mainly determined by the influx of Atlantic Water. A homogeneous wind-driven numerical current model was used to calculate the fluctuations in the volume flux of Atlantic Water to the Barents Sea which are caused by local wind forcing. The study period is from 1970 to 86. When compared with observed variations in temperature, ice coverage, and air pressure, the results show remarkably good agreement between all three parameters. The climate system of the Barents Sea is discussed with emphasis on the interrelations and feedback mechanisms between air, sea, and ice.


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Ådlandsvik, B., & Loeng, H. (1991). A study of the climatic system in the Barents Sea. Polar Research, 10(1), 45-50. https://doi.org/10.3402/polar.v10i1.6726