Barents Sea drift ice characteristics

  • Torgny Vinje
  • Ånund S. Kvambekk


A short review of the ice field characteristics in the Barents Sea is given. A digitised ice distribution data set covering the period 1966-88 has been used to calculate the probability distribution of sea ice and temporal trends. The ice-covered area between 68 and 83°N and 10 and 55°E at the end of the melting season is found to have been reduced by 40% during the last 23 years. The maximum extension, however, shows no significant decrease over the same period, and this indicates that there might have been a reduction/increment in the ice thickness/melting effects in the Barents Sea during the last 23 years.


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Vinje, T., & Kvambekk, Ånund S. (1991). Barents Sea drift ice characteristics. Polar Research, 10(1), 59-68.