The phytobenthos of the Hornsund fiord, SW Spitsbergen

  • Ireneusz Florczyk
  • Adam Latala


The species composition and biomass of material collected in the summers 1981 and 1983 from 69 stations in the Hornsund fiord were analysed. 48 macroalgal taxa were found: 13 green algae, 18 brown algae and 17 red algae. 19 of these taxa were not reported from the nearby Isfjorden. The overall biomass for the littoral zone varied from 0 to 216gnT2 formalin d.w., although in J of samples the biomass was between 20 and 80 gm_z. The dominant species were Fucus distichus, Acrosiphonia duriusada and Pilayella littoralis. Using cluster analysis, an attempt was made to delimit regions with a characteristic species composition. The results obtained, however, do not permit this in the littoral zone of the Hornsund fiord.


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Florczyk, I., & Latala, A. (1989). The phytobenthos of the Hornsund fiord, SW Spitsbergen. Polar Research, 7(1), 29-41.
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