Review of Climate change in the polar regions, by John Turner & Gareth J. Marshall

  • Olav Orheim


In this ambitious, cross-disciplinary volume, British Antarctic Survey scientists John Turner and Gareth Marshall synthesize what is known about climate change in the Arctic and Antarctic and compare the changes that have occurred in the two polar regions. The authors examine recent changes in light of those that have taken place over the course of the last million years, and tackle the difficulties involved in teasing apart natural from anthropogenic change. The book is arranged in eight sections: an introduction; polar climate data and models; high-latitude climates and mechanisms of change; the last million years; the Holocene; the instrumental period; predictions for the next 100 years; and a summary.

(Published: 12 March 2012)

Citation: Polar Research 2012, 31, 17512, DOI: 10.3402/polar.v31i0.17512


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Orheim O. (2012). Review of <em>Climate change in the polar regions</em&gt;, by John Turner & Gareth J. Marshall. Polar Research, 31.
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