Review of Plants at the margin. Ecological limits and climate change, by R.M.M. Crawford

  • Elisabeth Cooper


Professor Crawford does it again! It was a great privilege to be asked to review Professor Crawford’s latest book, Plants at the margin, and I did so with immense pleasure. It is a hefty tome, a full 478 pages, but is easy to read and richly illustrated with figures, tables and maps, as well as many photographs from Crawford’s own expeditions. Crawford draws on his own extensive field experience, and his love of the Arctic clearly shines through, with examples from Svalbard, Greenland, Iceland, Ellesmere Island, Siberia and northern Scandinavia.


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Cooper E. (2009). Review of <em>Plants at the margin. Ecological limits and climate change&lt;/em, by R.M.M. Crawford. Polar Research, 28(2), 310.
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