Review of Greetings from Spitsbergen: tourists at the eternal ice, 1827–1914, by John T. Reilly

  • P. J. Capelotti


This finely produced but maddeningly inconsistent work seeks to explore a segment of Svalbard’s history through a largely pictorial examination of the vessels that carried tourists to the archipelago. The book has the pleasant feel of an essential family scrapbook (indeed, some scrapbook pages from early tours of Svalbard are reproduced here in their entirety), and it is because of this feel that it is easier to overlook the flaws in a work destined to take its place in the library of every Svalbardian.

(Published: 1 January 2010)

Citation: Polar Research 2011, 30: 5912 - DOI: 10.3402/polar.v30i0.5912


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Capelotti P. J. (2010). Review of <em>Greetings from Spitsbergen: tourists at the eternal ice, 1827–1914</em&gt;, by John T. Reilly. Polar Research.
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