Review of Exploring Antarctic values, by Daniela Liggett & Alan D. Hemmings

  • David W. H. Walton


For over the past 50 years the tag line for Antarctica has been ‘‘A continent for peace and science,’’ leaving the rest of human activities rather adrift. Yes, there have been several valiant attempts to look at non-scientific subjects other than exploration history, geopolitics and international law but there was little on a continuing basis until the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) agreed to host the Social Sciences Action Group and the History Expert Group. These offered a focus for a growing diversity of humanities scholars to come together and develop a stream of ideas complementary to the river of science running alongside. This book is the output from the first SCAR Social Sciences Action Group Workshop held at Gateway Antarctica in December 2011.

(Published: 8 November 2013)

Citation: Polar Research 2013, 32, 23052,


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David W. H. Walton
British Antarctic Survey
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Walton, D. W. H. (2013). Review of <em>Exploring Antarctic values</em&gt;, by Daniela Liggett & Alan D. Hemmings. Polar Research, 32.
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