Triassic conodonts from Svalbard and their Boreal correlations

  • Hans Arne Nakrem
  • Michael J. Orchard
  • Wolfgang Weitschat
  • Mark W. Hounslow
  • Tyler W. Beatty
  • Atle Mørk


Conodont faunas are described from Triassic sections of Svalbard, and their occurrences are locally correlated with established ammonoid zones. With a synthesis of previous conodont-based publications, the current work presents a taxonomically up-to-date compilation of conodont data for the Triassic of Svalbard that is used to construct a conodont-based biochronology, indexed to the current lithostratigraphic nomenclature. Twenty-eight taxa spanning the earliest Griesbachian to the earliest Carnian are presented in a range chart. The examined conodont faunas are correlated with well-established conodont zonations of the Canadian Arctic, and in turn also form the basis for regional correlations.


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Nakrem H. A., Orchard M. J., Weitschat W., Hounslow M. W., Beatty T. W., & Mørk A. (2008). Triassic conodonts from Svalbard and their Boreal correlations. Polar Research, 27(3), 523-539.
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