Foreword to the special issue: the Boreal Triassic

  • Atle Mørk
  • Hans Arne Nakrem
  • Mark Hounslow
  • Wolfgang Weitschat


This collection of papers on the Boreal Triassic grew from a conference in 2002, which was initiated as part of the networking activities linked to the International Geosciences Project (IGCP) 467—Triassic Time and Trans-Panthalassa Correlations—from an original suggestion by Mark Hounslow and Mike Orchard of the International Union of Geological Sciences Subcommission on Triassic Stratigraphy. The aim of the conference was to provide insight on improved Low- to High-Latitude correlations, and a greater regional understanding of the Arctic Triassic successions. Around 30 participants were expected, in part drawn by the prospect of visiting Spitsbergen and its Triassic outcrops—a once in a lifetime opportunity for many.


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Mørk A., Nakrem H. A., Hounslow M., & Weitschat W. (2008). Foreword to the special issue: the Boreal Triassic. Polar Research, 27(3), 291.

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